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Agency Products

Welcome to Melpat International

Melpat International Pty Ltd was established in 1991 by Hamish Turner, and is an Australian-owned and operated family business.

We are very proud of the Melpat product range, as we have paid particular attention to the quality of our products.

All our products are manufactured only from the highest quality raw materials, and are supported with a strong R&D program.

Regular testing of competitive products are conducted by independent parties to ensure our products are AT LEAST equal to (if not superior to) similar products on the market.

ALL Melpat products are low in heavy metal impurities and dioxins, and are guaranteed to have been manufactured to the highest standards. Our products are consistent in quality from batch-to-batch, year after year.

Melpat are based in Perth (Western Australia), and our products are sold through a large number of distribution outlets throughout the country. To find out your nearest distributor, please click on the link below.




Tribasic Liquid Registration now approved!

For more information please click here




Bordeaux WG - Label Extension & Reduction in Rates

Bordeaux WG has had a major label update approved, with a significant rate reduction and extension of the label (covering a much broader range of crops). For more details click here



Red Copper now available!

Melpat Red Copper has now had registration approved by the APVMA. For more details, click here



Coppox now registered at lower rates!

Both Wettable Granule and Wettable Powder formulations have been reduced. For more details, click here


Copper Sulphate Rice Registration Approved

Approval has now been granted for the application of Melpat Copper Sulphate to control snails in rice. For more details, click here.



New Innovation - What is Copper "Spading"?

Spading is the new "buzz" word in broadacre application.

For more details, click here



Mildex WG is registered on Grape Vines!

Mildex WG is a co-formulated copper + sulphur granule, designed to save growers time and money.

Mildex WG offers superior (fungal) disease control, with minimal handling.

For more details, click here


Copper and Sulphur products now manufactured to ISO 9001:2001 Standards

Melpat copper products have always been manufactured to the highest quality standards.

This has now been recognised with an

ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System approval.

IC 2016