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Coppox WG

Coppox® is a premium and consistent grade copper oxychloride, with minimal batch variation.
Coppox® WG is a new formulation of the trusted Coppox® product – however in a Wettable granule formulation.

Due to the fine particle size, Coppox® WG has lower application rates than all other copper oxychloride products in the marketplace.

This means you are applying less copper, without compromising on efficacy. There is also a cost-saving benefit with lower rates.

In designing the product, particular attention was given to each of the important aspects, including both efficacy (ability to control disease) and environmental factors.
For further information on efficacy and environmental factors, refer to section “Copper products – how do they work?”
As well as being an effective fungicide and bactericide, Coppox WG can also be used to treat copper deficiency. For more information on this, please refer to the section "Correcting Copper Deficiencies with Coppox"
Available in a 1kg or 15kg pack – the product is well catered to the OH&S-minded grower.

More Information:


Download Brochure  Click the link to download the Coppox® WG Brochure

Download Directions for Use Table Click the link to download the Coppox® WG Label


Download MSDS Click the link to download Coppox® WG MSDS


Product Information Click the link to view information on Copper Products – How do they work?

Product Information Click on the link to view information on correcting copper deficiency with Coppox.

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