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Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate

In designing and presenting this quality product, emphasis was given to:

Product Uses:

Melpat Copper Sulphate has a number of applications:

  • Registration in Rice to control snail populations
  • Fertiliser
  • EU-Approval as animal feed grade


Product Quality:
The quality of this product is of such a high standard that it meets animal-feed grade standards set by the EU (for further details refer to the Technical Note: Dioxins in Copper Products).
Product Consistency:
Melpat Copper Sulphate is consistent in quality from batch to batch. It is not a traded product where product is purchased from whoever is cheapest on the day.
Product Purity and Cleanliness:
Heavy metals are a natural phenomenon in copper in the raw state, and so - prior to production of any Melpat copper products - the raw material is ‘cleaned’. As a consequence of this, the levels of the undesirable heavy are extremely low, e.g. Lead levels are around mid-20ppm, which is less than 10% of the maximum permissible level.
Rapid solubility is desirable and emphasis was given to maximise surface area in order to achieve this. The crystal particle size range is 0.1mm – 0.6mm. THAT IS SMALL!!
Pack Size:  
We have selected the 20kg pack, which is a lot more convenient for our growers/ farmers to handle. This pack size meets the OH & S guidelines.
Packaging Robustness:  
There is nothing more annoying to the Warehouse Manager than to clean up chemical spills. This pack was designed to be robust so as to minimise spillage!
Our company stands by the product’s quality and integrity.


More Information:

Download Directions for Use  Click on the link to download the Directions for Use Table

Download MSDS Click the link to download the Melpat Coppper Sulphate MSDS

Download Product Release Note Click the link to download the Melpat Copper Sulphate Product Release note


Download Certificate of Analysis Click the link to download the Melpat Copper Sulphate Certificate of Analysis


Product Information Click the link to view information on Dioxin Contaminants in copper products

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