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Anchor Bands

ANCHOR BANDS™ are the "Ties that Bind"…

They are “Set & Forget” plant ties that are quickly gaining reputation as the best rubber plant ties in the world.

Anchor Bands are designed for quick & effective fixing to all types of plants in a variety of situations. More importantly, they are plant friendly, stretching to accommodate plant growth. Then after doing its job breaks down over time.


The Anchor Bands logo shows the most basic method of applying Anchor Bands but there are methods & uses which this versatile plant tie can be used. It is limited only by the imagination & resourcefulness, of person using it.

Melpat International are the WA Agents for all Anchor Band Products - including both the UV6 & UV12 bands.

For a complete range listing, product and usage photos, and other details – please visit the Anchor Bands Website:


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Product Information

  • Click the link to view the Anchor Bands website

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